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Evergreen Psychological Services, Heather Jeancart

Evergreen Psychological Services wants to help you find a sense of calm, determine solutions, and aid in your understanding of whatever struggles you are facing. For children, we provide assessments and recommendations for learning difficulties, attentional concerns, autism and behavioural and mental health struggles. We provide therapy to enhance flexible thinking, social skills, anxiety, regulation, problem solving, and coping skills. Our philosophy is that for every struggle we face, we simply need explicit, systematic instruction to develop that area. We all have strengths and our weaknesses can be improved or overcome. We believe that family support and understanding is an important piece in helping a child create positive changes. With this in mind, caregivers will be offered information to help support their child in their goals. 

For adults, we provide assessment for learning difficulties, attentional concerns, autism, anxiety and depression. Counselling services for adults are offered on a case by case basis, depending on the presenting concern.

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Heather Jeancart, Evergreen Psychological Services

Heather Jeancart, M.Ed. Registered Psychologist (APE) #809

Heather Jeancart is the founder of Evergreen Psychological Services. She is a Registered Psychologist  through the Saskatchewan College of Psychologists. Her goal is to obtain a well-rounded view of an individual’s strengths and weaknesses in order to determine reasons for the struggles they are facing and to provide sound interventions to help them succeed. She believes that understanding a person's story is an important and an essential piece in determining solutions going forward. ​

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